UPTEC’s School of Startups is addressed to entrepreneurs with technology, scientific or creativity-based business projects that wish to startup their own company.

The School of Startups program aims to raise awareness among new entrepreneurs about the complex challenges in the process of creating and developing a business project.

At the School of Startups, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work in UPTEC’s spaces, while being part of its national and international network of companies and institutions. They will also receive mentoring from senior entrepreneurs and strategic partners who will support the validation process of their business idea.

At the School of Startups, participant teams have access to:

  • Workshops about key issues for the development of a business;
  • Individual follow-up sessions with UPTEC mentors;
  • Meetings with senior entrepreneurs at UPTEC;
  • Networking events with external partners;
  • Pitch training sessions;
  • Public presentation of their projects.


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