Infinite Book

Created by two young men of 18 and 20 years, InfiniteBook is a reusable notebook that fixes several problems. Write with a pencil is not smooth and is difficult to erase, the pen is smooth but permanent. Another problem is the enormous amount of paper wasted studying, making sketches, lists and everything you do not need to save for a long period of time.

The notebook is the adaptation of whiteboards, those we can find on the walls of schools and some offices, for something portable and flexible. The acceptance has been extraordinary, and in four months we have sold about 4,500 books, in Portugal and abroad.

The InfiniteBook is the notebook for life!

FAHR 021.3

FAHR 021.3 is a collaborative practice that focuses its work between the disciplines of art and architecture. Exploring different architectural concepts FAHR aims to create unexpected and provocative realities.

This studio is a combination of people, perspectives, challenges, methodologies, arts and concepts which arise from the vision of two architects who believe that there is more to the art that they learned than meets the eye. They invested everything on the development of a new approach: communicative architecture. Surprising in shape, concept and content through a new perspective of communication is what this company promises its customers.

Realizing that architecture is a branch of art and action in space, FAHR 021.3 develops its work based on the architectural language and methodology, while always incorporating seemingly implausible spaces and challenging materials. The result is provocative and unexpected and comes in a variety of forms, including installations, site-specific art, performances, and actions.


Noocity creates solutions to empower people to grow their own healthy food in cities by developing efficient and ecological products for urban agriculture and exclusive and teaching materials about the basics of organic farming and other sustainable practices.

Noocity wants to contribute towards a more aware and autonomous society allowing people to reorganize their urban landscape and their relationship with food and life in the community. We want to encourage healthier and sustainable habits turning urban citizens daily routines easier, enjoyable and more ecological.


AddVolt is developing the WeTruck which is targeted to freight transport companies which have rigid body heavy and medium vehicles. These vehicles have a high fuel consumption, high CO2 emissions, high maintenance costs and high noise level regarding of body complementary systems usage.

The complementary system with the highest level of fuel consumption identified is the body refrigeration unit which equips most of the rigid body freight transport trucks. This unit is powered by a dedicated diesel engine. Regarding this, it is in refrigerated trucks that this solution has more impact.

The project’s solution comprises an electric portable kit capable of producing, recovering and storing electric energy. This energy is used to supply vehicle complementary systems and to help in vehicle traction when it is needed, enabling a saving in fuel. In the same line, it is verified a reduction in CO2 emissions and noise level, as well as, a reduction of about 30% in brake wear and also a decrease in costs associated with maintenance of the unit.

The incorporation of this solution in the vehicle is completely noninvasive without needing any structural vehicle modification. This way, it is possible to incorporate the product in vehicles at any stage of its life cycle and not necessary in series production. The initial target are the refrigeration trucks, but in a medium-term the goal of the company is to expand technology to other heavy vehicles, for instance, road passenger transport vehicles.

AddVolt’s ambition is to develop technology, products and services which contribute to the sustainability of road transport vehicles.


HealthyRoad is developing facial biometric tech for automotive sector.

The software aims to analyze drowsiness, fatigue levels, distraction, stress levels and is also able to identify different drivers as well as to identify his sex and age in order to create a driver’s profile.

The software main goal is to alert the driver for dangerous driving behaviors, to give a better user experience and finally to support the other sensors in the vehicle to take action if necessary.


Wisecrop is the Agricultural Operating System. It offers a single interface that gathers a set of applications allowing an optimized management of the agricultural business, boosting productivity while saving resources and time.


The Apps available are divided on two groups: Technical Management which support decision making on the field reducing resources usage; and Operational Management that optimize the time spent on administrative tasks.


To leverage the results provided by the predictive agronomic algorithms it is possible to install Devices on the field, that complement the data processed by the weather forecast. These Devices can be sensors of several types (weather, soil and plant) or Irrigation Controllers, provided by Wisecrop or by any other entity.


As a complement of every tool provided, there is also a Store that offers different Agro Services provided by 3rd parties, such as Laboratory Analysis, Aereal mapping by Drones and Satellites, Agro Weather Forecast, among others.


A powerful, comprehensive and complete solution, that gathers Farmers, Consultants, Associations, Services Providers and Universities, providing for a more sustainable and innovative Agriculture, contributing for the natural (r)evolution.