FAHR 021.3


FAHR 021.3 is a collaborative practice that focuses its work between the disciplines of art and architecture. Exploring different architectural concepts FAHR aims to create unexpected and provocative realities.

This studio is a combination of people, perspectives, challenges, methodologies, arts and concepts which arise from the vision of two architects who believe that there is more to the art that they learned than meets the eye. They invested everything on the development of a new approach: communicative architecture. Surprising in shape, concept and content through a new perspective of communication is what this company promises its customers.

Realizing that architecture is a branch of art and action in space, FAHR 021.3 develops its work based on the architectural language and methodology, while always incorporating seemingly implausible spaces and challenging materials. The result is provocative and unexpected and comes in a variety of forms, including installations, site-specific art, performances, and actions.

Adapted text by “City Fashion Makers”

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