Created in 2013, the School of Startups is a business ideas acceleration programme, promoted by UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.


The School of Startups is designed to prepare entrepreneurs to the challenges of creating and developing a new business project.


During three months, the participants have the opportunity to interact with new tools and concepts and work with structures and people that can help them validate the idea in the market.


Future entrepreneurs who have business ideas on arts, sciences, technologies, health or cleantech and wish to start up their own company.

Why you should join


Work at UPTEC spaces


Pitch Training Sessions

Networking with partners, investors and entrepreneurs

Connection with industry, startups and academia





New companies


Supported Projects





Samuel Gonçalves

The School of Startups worked as the real kick off for SUMMARY’s activity. At that moment, it was just me and a PC. In this programme, for the very first time, I got the tool kit I needed to make it grow: building a network and getting mentoring and practical knowledge about pricing, marketing and communication.

Gonçalo e Miguel

School of Startups allowed us to add important knowledge to our project so that, when we were ready to set up the company, we would be prepared for the market. We address important topics related to accounting and the industry in which we operate and we also had access to the UPTEC network. We can only suggest: sign up if you want to take a step forward.
FAHR 021.3

Filipa Frois Almeida

FAHR 021.3 participated in the School of Startups in 2014, at a time when it was an early stage. This participation was important, as it provided FAHR knowledge and tools, which helped to establish new directions. We also had the opportunity to share information with other colleagues and meet potential partner companies and customers.
Tatara Razors

João Moniz Gomes

It is not enough to have the idea, determination and dynamism. In order to create a business, you have to start. Making decisions towards our goal and being surrounded by people who positively influence us on this path is very important. The School of Startups was exactly that "fuel" for Tatara Razors and allowed us to transform an idea into a sustainable and successful business.

Bruno Azevedo

Our path on the School of Startups was an important moment for our growth as entrepreneurs and anticipated the implementation of our mission as a team and company. Before that, we developed technology and during the programme we got resources to develop value propositions for society, clients and partners.

Tiago Sá

The School of Startups was extremely important for our journey, since it has given us fundamental skills for the creation of a solid and robust company. The mentoring since the beginning of the programme was – and still is – absolutely essential for Wisecrop’s success.
School of Startups

Assuming that the majority of the Master and PhD students are unfamiliar with the entrepreneurship universe, UPTEC develop the School of Startups for Researchers. Designed and based on the School of Startups for Entrepreneurs structure, this programme is shorter, more intensive and specially aimed for researchers.

School of Startups

The School of Startups Corporate aims to provide participants with valid skills for understanding, generating and implementing businesses.


U.Porto Innovation was created in 2004 with the purpose of supporting the University’s innovation value chain by fostering the transfer of knowledge and reinforcing the bond between the University and businesses. With over 15 years of experience, U.Porto Innovation focuses its activities on research at the University, entrepreneurship within the academic community and U.Porto’s growing connections with industry.





The School of Startups for Researchers applications are open until 7th May. More details here.


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