This edition of the programme is realized under the POCH funding and the applications are open until the 12th of February.

This hands-on programme aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and empower master and doctoral-level students with the necessary tools to identify meaningful problems, create innovative solutions and validate the underlying business models.


The winners will have access to monetary prizes — first place is entitled to 2500 euros, second place receives 1500 euros, while third place will receive 500 euros — and four months of free cowork incubation at UPTEC. In addition, winners who are U. Porto’s students or researchers will have the opportunity to participate in the European Innovation Academy free of charge.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn the best practices from experienced startups CEOs and get insights from industry experts about the new tech trends that are disrupting markets.


During the School of Startups for Researchers – which consists of 12 workshops and a Demo Day, in a total of 62 hours of training – the teams will be mentored by the experienced UPTEC crew and guest entrepreneurs and will be guided on the path to turning ideas or research projects into a successful business.


After the hands-on workshops, mentoring, research, and pitch training, the teams will participate in the Demo Day, an opportunity to present their solutions in an open house event, which will include investors and members of the UPTEC community.



1st place – €2500

2nd place – €1500

3rd place – €500

Programme Topics


Lean Canvas and Jobs to be Done

Marketing and Sales

Emerging techs

Intellectual Property

Behavioural Economics for startups

Financials for Startups

Communication & Pitch

Pitch Training



Online Kick-off – 24/feb | 1h

Workshop 1 – 28/feb | 8h

Workshop 2 – 10/mar | 4h

Workshop 3 – 20/mar | 4h

Workshop 4 – 29/mar | 4h

Workshop 5 – 13/apr | 4h

Workshop 6 – 17/apr | 4h

Workshop 7 – 09/may | 4h

Workshop 8 – 18/may | 4h

Workshop 9 – 29/may | 4h

Workshop 10 –   13/jun | 4h

Workshop 11 – 21/jun | 4h

Workshop 12 –   30/jun | 8h

Demo Day – 05/jul | 3h


Except for the Online Kick-off, all the Workshops and the Demo Day will be held in person, at UPTEC Asprela I. The workshops can be done in the morning or in the afternoon, according to the lecturer’s availability.


Target audiences

This programme is exclusive for Masters or Ph.D. students and was designed for those who want to develop entrepreneurial skills. To participate in the programme, it is not necessary to have a business idea, research project, or team.


Teams or individuals with business projects can apply to the programme. Participants without a team will be organized into working groups – between 4 and 5 elements, with complementary profiles (technical plus management). All teams must have at least one element from the University of Porto.


The projects can belong to any area of knowledge, from Digital Transformation and Information Technologies to Creative and Cultural Industries and to Life Sciences and Biotech, or a mix of those.


The School of Startups for Researchers will accept up to 12 teams, with a maximum of 60 participants. At the end of the programme, those who participate in more than 80% of the activities will receive a certificate of participation.




Free of charge



The workshops can be delivered in English or Portuguese, depending on the requirements of the selected participants.


Application Deadline

February 12th


Communication of results

February 17th




Before applying, please make sure to have read the Program Playbook. If you have any questions, please contact:


This programme is a POCH initiative


POCH funding (Human Capital Operational Program – PT2020)