Wisecrop is the Agricultural Operating System. It offers a single interface that gathers a set of applications allowing an optimized management of the agricultural business, boosting productivity while saving resources and time.

The Apps available are divided on two groups: Technical Management which support decision making on the field reducing resources usage; and Operational Management that optimize the time spent on administrative tasks.

To leverage the results provided by the predictive agronomic algorithms it is possible to install Devices on the field, that complement the data processed by the weather forecast. These Devices can be sensors of several types (weather, soil and plant) or Irrigation Controllers, provided by Wisecrop or by any other entity.

As a complement of every tool provided, there is also a Store that offers different Agro Services provided by 3rd parties, such as Laboratory Analysis, Aereal mapping by Drones and Satellites, Agro Weather Forecast, among others.

A powerful, comprehensive and complete solution, that gathers Farmers, Consultants, Associations, Services Providers and Universities, providing for a more sustainable and innovative Agriculture, contributing for the natural (r)evolution.

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